The very beginning

«Forty 47 Seven» is founded to bring a piece of spiritual harmony to every human being.

Tu Tu Tu Collection


Good luck accessories that never existed before are born.

Zodiac signs

All-too-familiar and out of any religion.

Poland is a friend

It's always a great pleasure to create something beautiful for friends. 

Russia is a friend

For our friendly country we created an impressive collection of Russian orthodox icons. 

First Christians

Armenia is proud to be the first Christian country and to have it’s own unique blossom Cross.

History of Armenia

47 design reconstructs the images of famous Armenian kings and queens.


A big project is launched with the Ministry of culture and the Development Fond of Armenia. A collection of souvenirs with the images of Armenian kings and queens is released and available all over Armenia, Russia, USA.

Night of Museums

47design with the family of the brightest Armenian artist Martiros Saryan creates a special edition. The collection is available in Saryan museum.

The victory of Sardarapat

Armenia celebrates the 100th anniversary of Sardarapat battle. This collection is available in Sardarapat memorial museum.

Yerevan "2800"

In honor of the greatest date in the history of the Armenian people, the 2800th anniversary of the founding of the 13th capital of Great Armenia, a limited collection of commemorative silver medals with a circulation of 2,800 copies was issued. On the obverse side of the medal is depicted the founder of the city, King Argishti I, and on the reverse side there is the modern building of the city hall of Yerevan. Each medal has it’s individual numbered. Attached there is a certificate with the number of the medal and the name of the owner. This magnificent gift will be a family heirloom that can be handed down from generation to generation.


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